If Motown and Bollywood had a one-night stand…

8 01 2010

Their illicit birthchild would be Mollywood? Err, nope. Maybe in some twisted alternate universe.

Instead, what exists in our fair world is the fusiontastic ensemble: Botown.

I first read about them in the Evening Standard and tore the article out because my short-term memory is basically non-existant (I blame the internet) and I knew I’d never remember to look it up. Also, more importantly, because the combination of Bollywood music and Motown music is basically my brain.

Described on their website as “a super-tight Asian Soul Funk band, performing Bollywood grooves reborn with a soul funk twist”, they’re the perfect example of what I’m trying to promote on this blog – levels of cultural defiance to make your brain fizzle!

As a massive fan of retro Bollywood myself, I’m eager to check out what this Botown business is all about. I’ve already listened to a few tracks on their Myspace page, and their choices of 1970s classics Churaliaya and Roop Tera (sampling a Ray Charles riff in the intro of the latter) definitely gets the Bollywood in my blood flowing. Unfortunately, the following audience reaction pieces are not the most enlightening, most of them sticking with “really really good” or “fantastic”.

Here’s hoping their forthcoming gig at the eclectic Jazz Cafe venue in March attracts a curious and diverse crowd.  

Your humble Findu plans to make it there and scribble down a few notes to be transformed into a review to be posted right hurrrr.

In the meantime, here’s all the gig info in a neat potpourri parcel:

Botown – “the Soul of Bollywood”
Venue: Jazz Cafe
Date: 11 March 2010
Time: Doors open 7pm
Price: a decent £12




One response

15 03 2010
Gurpreet Dhaliwal

Did you go to see them at the Jazz Cafe?

I heard a lot about them, and went to see them with some friends last week at the Jazz Cafe, instead of the UKAMA’s. I’m glad I did, I have to say what an amazing night. You’re right, the website and myspace don’t do them justice. I’ve never heard such an innovative fusion of musical genres. Some really amazing musicians. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would say this is one band you really need to see.

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