We Heart Nihal

15 01 2010

I happen to have a massive secret crush on DJ Nihal whose Radio 1 midnight show on Wednesday nights has exposed me to music I never thought ever existed. Ever! I’ve spent many a working day pretending to concentrate hard on my “work” while in reality I’m listening to him on iplayer, studying his tracklisting, attempting to memorise the whole damn thing. His passion for music and cultural expression is infectious and, in retrospect, I’m sure there was a big massive gaping hole left in my life when Desi DNA stopped showing on TV, which manifested itself through erratic behaviour (including my audacious adolescent rejection of Bollywood, as briefly documented in my profile).

Anyyyyway, there is an actual purpose for this somewhat unabashed exposure of border-line obsession. Nihal will be at one of my favourite venues, and I’m sure one of London’s most unique, – The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm – featuring in their MyChoons series. It’ll be in the The Studio Theatre at the Roundhouse, which is a small, intimate little theatre within the building (not the main stage area).

So, yes, that’s right. Nihal. On a couch. In front of me
… and probably a whole load of other more normal, less obsessed fans. And maybe you?

MyChoons featuring DJ Nihal
28 January 2010
The Roundhouse (Studio Theatre)
Book tickets here.

I’ll  leave you with this awesome song that I heard on his Radio 1 show and I couldn’t help dancing to…

It’s a remix by the most amazing DJ Kayper using the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” with the uber retro Bollywood dance choon “Boom Boom” by Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan. Trust me mate, it’s a big one




2 responses

15 01 2010

lol…………..lovely blog!!! And yes…………both Nihal and DJ Kayper are amazing!!!! I Heart Them too!!! :-)))

8 03 2010
Stars step up against Asian Network closure « Potpourri Express

[…] new and old music with peers who would normally never be exposed to it. (See my earlier post on Nihal as an example). As a radio station for British-Asians, and on an intellectual level, the Asian […]

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