3 02 2010

I’ve been naughty and not posted for a while. My sincerest apologies!

To start the new month, I have an update from the world of every woman’s guilty pleasure – ASOS.

In the most recent issue of ASOS Magazine that popped through my letterbox, I spotted this page:

(click on the image to go straight to the interactive online ASOS magazine)

ASOS have teamed up with SOKO Kenya to create ASOS Africa, bringing the bold prints and unique designs of Kenya straight to our wardrobes. Importantly, this partnership highlights an endeavour on ASOS’s part to “help create a sustainable solution to unemployment with ethically traded and environmentally aware fashion”.

Now, I must admit, I am a bit sceptical. ASOS in its ultimate popularity could possibly skew the message and the authenticity of the Kenyan-inspired fashion just for a bit of commercial gain and sellability. It’s all too easy for the big dogs to drop buzzwords like “sustainably sourced”, “ethically traded” and “envrionmentally aware” to stay in the good books of an increasingly conscious buying audience without actually following through.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not a massive fashionista but it would definitely be amazing to see genuine ethnic inspiration coming through in future trends.

ASOS Africa will be launched mid-February as part of The Green Room, a new section in ASOS specifically set up for the promotion of products that are people and planet-friendly.

Read more about the grassroots nature and goals of the SOKO  project on their website here.




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