It’s not patronising, it’s normalising. Fool!

8 03 2010

Last month Boris Johnson slashed funding for Black History Month. He already cancelled the Rise Festival last year. And now Africa Day. And he’s cut funding for Jewish events and St Patrick’s Day. There are probably tonnes more on the way.

Yet somehow he thinks that he can justify spending what has now hit a running total of £100,000 (that’s right my friend, one muf*ckin’ hundred G’s) on USA Day.

This is sad, sad news for all Londoners, no matter what their race or heritage. If things carry on like this, there’ll be no celebration of the diversity that makes this city and country what it is! And the idiots who argue that events like Black History Month are patronising for the ‘black youth’ of today are only exposing their ignorance by pooling the ‘black youth’ into one homogenous group.

These events serve not only to celebrate diverse cultures, but to share and learn. To allow us to better understand our neighbours and expand our own experiences.  It’s necessary to have these events to break down the stereotypes so strongly upheld by media and sensationalist reporting.

Boris, sort it out mate. And the Americans are coming here to get away from the USA, not to have more of it!

Probably Boris' worst nightmare...

(Picture provided by leafar)




2 responses

8 03 2010

I think the last thing I’d want to spend my time in London doing is celebrating the USA.

22 03 2010
Lady Kirsten

Funding cuts for Jewish events? Not okay! USA Day in the UK… I wish the Sex Pistols were still around to compose a brash, off-the-wall punk anthem about this concept.

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