Stars step up against Asian Network closure

8 03 2010

The recent announcements that BBC radio stations 6 Music and the Asian Network are facing closure have caused quite a stir among the listening public.

Although the BBC are trying to justify the closures (just a small part of a massive slash in spending), I doubt there are many people who will let this happen without a fight or few.

The BBC Asian Network for me has not only been a way of connecting with British-Asian culture around the whole country, but I’ve been able to share new and old music with peers who would normally never be exposed to it. (See my earlier post on Nihal as an example). As a radio station for British-Asians, and on an intellectual level, the Asian Network is unparalleled.

This weekend, the Guardian published a letter addressed to the BBC Trust urging them to reconsider the closure of the Asian Network, describing it as “a retrograde step”. It’s been signed by some of the biggest Asian names in Britain today and the list goes on for a bloody while, too!

I just hope they take stock of the points made in the letter along with the tremendous amount of backing behind the online radio station and reconsider the closure. Otherwise there’ll be a gaping hole of cultural expression in media and music for Asians nation-wide.




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