I’m on Uplift again folks

30 03 2010

Check out my latest piece at Uplift Magazine about b.supreme, the UK’s only hip-hop festival for women.

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And b.supreme here

Thanks for your support y’all!


Findufountain gets Uplifted

9 03 2010

You may remember waaay back in the day (in other words, Jan 2010) when I directed your faithful eyes to the Uplift Magazine website.

Sarah, the editor of this illustrious online magazine, gave me the opportunity to write about the Tongues on Fire Asian film festival as part of the International Women’s Day features for Uplift. Check out the feature here.

Click click click away! And I urge you all to check out all the other fascinating articles and features on the website for fresh female perspectives on just about everything.

Big thank you to Sarah for letting me do a piece for one of my favourite online magazines!

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How wrong SHE got it

8 01 2010

I’d just like to divert your attention for a moment to the magnificent Uplift Magazine, online creative brainchild of Sarah Barnes, offering a modern and refreshing view on “the female experience”. Feminism, my friends, is most certainly not dead!

It just so happens that she’s put up an excellent piece on the beauty advice for coloured women that was offered in the SHE Book of Beauty way back in the late 70s. 

Amusing, if not fascinating stuff!