About the author

Findufountain is Roshni Goyate (that’s pronounced Goy-aah-tey)

British-Indian, eternal and faithful hip-hop head*, English graduate, deluded saxophonist, perpetual dreamer, poet, and the most curious cat that never got killed.

I was brought up on Bollywood as a kid. Rejected it as a teenager. Have now embraced it as an undeniable swatch in the fabric of my being. My mum is from Gujarat, my dad is from Maharashtra. My home is quadrilingual. No shit son.

I travelled to NYC at the age of 19 and returned 4 months later about 5 years more mature. My NY Fam played a massive part in that ripening.

I crave sunshine all the time, but wanna move to Portland, Oregon, if only for a while.

Want to know more? Get at me here innit!

(If you come bearing fresh exotic fruit, I will love you forever)

Smooch xx

(photo courtesy of Shan Phearon)

* being an eternal and faithful hip-hop head does not by any means limit me to just hip-hop. In fact, being one of the most democratic artforms in our modern world, hip-hop has exposed me to countless other genres or non-genres of music. It is the past, present and future. Don’t ever doubt that. Kthanxbye 🙂


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15 01 2010
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