If you’re looking for a Remedy

17 06 2010

Right, I’ve come out of blog-hibernation because there’s a big ol’ event going down tonight that I should’ve written about time ago. (Sorry Ash!) And I can’t possibly let it go by without shouting a little bit about it.

So, if you’re free tonight and happen to be eastish – actually, if you happen to be ANYWHERE – get yourself to the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel.

Remedy Live is happening.

It’s run by the Music is Remedy team. The line up looks like this:

Ed Sheeran
XO Man
Kanna Ellie
Dean Atta
Sharika Medla

All supported by the Remedies.

Now I’ve already witnessed some of these artists at previous Writer’s Block events (yeah, you know I like to shout about them a bit too). And if you’d ever given up hope on the artistic talents of our fair Lost Generation, this is the place for it to be restored and rejuvenated. London is providing the goods. No joke.

And if you need real proof, take a look at the live rehearsal sessions over on Pinboard Blog. Candid and exclusive.

It’s a fiver.

Oh, and a bit-a twitter for you too:
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Transmitting from behind the fabric of time

20 01 2010

I’ve got a few longer posts coming your way, but in meantime, you should check out this EXCLUSIVE interview with genre-defying P.O.S at the Pinboard Blog (carefully placed on the blogroll shelf to your right).

The dedicated music fanatics at Pinboard are so on top of the newest most exclusive shit coming out of the urban music and culture scene, I’m sure they’ve got a time-machine hidden in there somewhere. There’s no doubt they’re writing to us from the future.

This interview’s especially relevent cos P.O.S resists being boxed into genres, subgenres or labels. He defies the pigeon-holing and sterotyping that runs the mainstream. He makes incredible music in the name of that defiance. And that’s what we’re all about here at the Potpourri Express.

So check out the video interview here. And big massive props to my dear friend Shan Phearon who conducted and filmed the interview.

For more of that awe-inspiring exclusivity, check out related blog I Bootlegged Your Mum (also ‘pon the blogroll). The maestro of the project is Fantastic*nt, one helluva fowlmouthed yet utterly loveable git. Also time-travelling, I’m sure.