If you’re looking for a Remedy

17 06 2010

Right, I’ve come out of blog-hibernation because there’s a big ol’ event going down tonight that I should’ve written about time ago. (Sorry Ash!) And I can’t possibly let it go by without shouting a little bit about it.

So, if you’re free tonight and happen to be eastish – actually, if you happen to be ANYWHERE – get yourself to the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel.

Remedy Live is happening.

It’s run by the Music is Remedy team. The line up looks like this:

Ed Sheeran
XO Man
Kanna Ellie
Dean Atta
Sharika Medla

All supported by the Remedies.

Now I’ve already witnessed some of these artists at previous Writer’s Block events (yeah, you know I like to shout about them a bit too). And if you’d ever given up hope on the artistic talents of our fair Lost Generation, this is the place for it to be restored and rejuvenated. London is providing the goods. No joke.

And if you need real proof, take a look at the live rehearsal sessions over on Pinboard Blog. Candid and exclusive.

It’s a fiver.

Oh, and a bit-a twitter for you too:
Music is Remedy
Writer’s Block
Pinboard Blog



Back in a sweet minute

12 04 2010

I know, I know, I’ve been rubbish at posting.

I started a new job recently (yay!), and between that and shopping for bathroomy stuff for a loft conversion and other eastery family stuff, and a laptop with crappy internet, I’m surprisingly knackered. That ain’t right. I’m only 23.

Anyway, I promise to be back up on this soon as I get my act together.

In the meantime, you should join me at the Writer’s Block 2nd Birthday Party happening THIS Wednesday 14th April at Cargo in Shoreditch, London. If the name Writer’s Block sounds familiar, it’s cos you read about them here.

Jesse Boykins III will be performing specially for me.

Oh. I mean us. The audience. I guess.

And there’s a phenomenal line-up of other outta-this-world spoken-word artists, poets, musicians and general pioneers of creative beauty. I’ve seen them all before on the humble Writer’s Block stage at their usual Juno headquarters, and I can’t wait to see them tear it up again at Cargo.

You can buy your tickets in advance here.

Join in the celebrations. Bring everyone. It’s gonna be big.

I’m on Uplift again folks

30 03 2010

Check out my latest piece at Uplift Magazine about b.supreme, the UK’s only hip-hop festival for women.

Don’t forget to follow Uplift on twitter here

And b.supreme here

Thanks for your support y’all!

Findufountain gets Uplifted

9 03 2010

You may remember waaay back in the day (in other words, Jan 2010) when I directed your faithful eyes to the Uplift Magazine website.

Sarah, the editor of this illustrious online magazine, gave me the opportunity to write about the Tongues on Fire Asian film festival as part of the International Women’s Day features for Uplift. Check out the feature here.

Click click click away! And I urge you all to check out all the other fascinating articles and features on the website for fresh female perspectives on just about everything.

Big thank you to Sarah for letting me do a piece for one of my favourite online magazines!

Don’t forget to follow Uplift on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

If you like words

8 02 2010

The most awesome proprietors of the revolutionary Writer’s Block (see blogroll to the right, yo) are putting on their first show of the decade! And you should come along for these reasons:

  1. You are guaranteed to see/hear the most inspiring and talented acts this century, whether they’re poets, musicians, film-makers, graffiti artists, the DJ or the most charming compere, Tracy D.
  2. The bar, Juno, serves fantastic food.
  3. Because I said so. Obviously!

But seriously. I first got into spoken word and performance poetry while studying in NYC where I frequented the ultra-quirky Bowery Poetry Club. Their regular Tuesday open mic night, the Urbana Poetry Slam featured some of the MOST blindingly talented wordsmiths I had ever come across. Every time I went, I left the buzzing atmosphere with goosebumps, and probably fancying one of the poets for I am, indeed, a sucker for a well-articulated mofo.

I came back to London desperate to witness the same level of overly inspiring, vibrant and unique showcasing of talent. Of course poetry is around in many forms and personas in the city, but I had yet to experience the bumpin’, audience-participatory, almost-party vibe that the Bowery had offered.

My poetry-prayers were answered in the form of Writer’s Block. After failing to successfully make it down to the Shoreditch location a few times, I eventually reached it in June of last year and was completely blown away! With the warm June sun shining outside (yeah, remember when the sunshine was actually HOT?) the bar was packed and after each act, there was a buzzing consensus that we had all just witnessed some of the rawest and genuine talent to come from this fledgling, ‘lost’ generation in the past few years.

And although never exactly the same, subsequent Writers Block events have always featured the same high level of talent from already-established as well as up-and-coming artists. And with people from all kinds of backgrounds, the stories they bring to the stage are always infallibly varied and fascinating. There’s bound to be something that grabs your attention by the collars, comes right close up to its face and lays on a gigantic smacker, leaving you enamoured, if only for a sweet minute.

If that’s not enough to persuade you, then check out the review of the September 2009 Writer’s Block on the Bookfreeq blog here. (If you take a quick glance at the blogroll you’ll see her freeqy self perched among other very cool links!).

I’ll now present to you, as always, all the finely-scented details in a neat little parcel pour toi:

Writer’s Block “Passion” Show
Date: Thursday Feb 11th 2010
Time: 8pm onwards (but I’d advise getting there early as it gets packed fairly quickly)
Location: Juno, 134-135 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE
Price: £5

If you want to stalk Writer’s Block (they won’t mind):

See you there fellow wordlovers!

Transmitting from behind the fabric of time

20 01 2010

I’ve got a few longer posts coming your way, but in meantime, you should check out this EXCLUSIVE interview with genre-defying P.O.S at the Pinboard Blog (carefully placed on the blogroll shelf to your right).

The dedicated music fanatics at Pinboard are so on top of the newest most exclusive shit coming out of the urban music and culture scene, I’m sure they’ve got a time-machine hidden in there somewhere. There’s no doubt they’re writing to us from the future.

This interview’s especially relevent cos P.O.S resists being boxed into genres, subgenres or labels. He defies the pigeon-holing and sterotyping that runs the mainstream. He makes incredible music in the name of that defiance. And that’s what we’re all about here at the Potpourri Express.

So check out the video interview here. And big massive props to my dear friend Shan Phearon who conducted and filmed the interview.

For more of that awe-inspiring exclusivity, check out related blog I Bootlegged Your Mum (also ‘pon the blogroll). The maestro of the project is Fantastic*nt, one helluva fowlmouthed yet utterly loveable git. Also time-travelling, I’m sure.

How wrong SHE got it

8 01 2010

I’d just like to divert your attention for a moment to the magnificent Uplift Magazine, online creative brainchild of Sarah Barnes, offering a modern and refreshing view on “the female experience”. Feminism, my friends, is most certainly not dead!

It just so happens that she’s put up an excellent piece on the beauty advice for coloured women that was offered in the SHE Book of Beauty way back in the late 70s. 

Amusing, if not fascinating stuff!